Abby possesses a tremendous gift of being able to relate to the children and the families she embraces. My son, Austin, is severely challenged with developmental delays arising from Autism. Abby was fantastic while developing and implementing a one-on-one program that was interwoven with sensory integration, speech, movement, cognitive and social components. In addition, she was instrumental in extinguishing several challenging behaviors. Abby not only effortlessly embraced my son, but understood the needs of our whole family and worked with all of us to grow together. Abby has a genuine passion and is very dedicated in helping others make a difference in their own lives. I have an enormous amount of respect for Abby Connor and I treasure that there will always be a special bond between Abby and my family.


Ashley was my son’s BSC for three years and an invaluable resource. She is smart and very caring, insightful, creative and flexible in her approach. And she “gets” these kids in a way that many behavior specialists just don’t. I know because we went through a bunch before we found her. She was my son’s biggest fan and booster, as well as his parent’s strongest ally. We were lucky to have had her in our lives.


Abby worked with my daughter who has sensory issues and anxiety for about 6 months and in that short time my daughter has made huge improvements to keep the anxiety at a minimum. Abby helped us to put strategies in place to try to minimize the anxiety without limiting our activities and helped us to try and stick with some routines, but also allowed us to vary from them if needed without causing a meltdown with our daughter. Abby was very warm and kind and patient with my daughter and it really helped her to warm up and open up to her so that we could determine the cause of the anxiety and work on strategies to deal with it. She was a pleasure to work with and I will reach out to her in the future should more issues arise.


Imagine spending your life understanding everything people said, but no one knows you can. Imagine wanting to respond, but you can't because you have a severe speech disorder. Then one day you are able to begin communicating through typing, and people know you are there. Who could help a person in this situation? What expert is there to help work through the depression, anxiety and insecurities of the past and present and also see all the possibilities? Ashley Friemanis is that person. She understands autistic people and all that comes with it...seeing the strengths and understanding the difficulties as not impossible barriers, but requiring a skilled, compassionate person to help navigate them. She has changed my 24 year old autistic son's life. He and Ashley, step by step, are together helping him build a life based on his strengths. Ashley is amazing, and I know of no other professional with her unique knowledge and experience. Her insight, compassion and skill never cease to amaze me.


We were very fortunate that Abby worked with our son Michael for many years! She demonstrated an immediate connection with him which continued to grow into a very special relationship. As his BSC, Abby programmed for Michael extremely effectively, seeming to know exactly what he needed, especially in the social realm. As a parent, it is so refreshing and reassuring to have a person working so closely with my Autistic son, who truly “gets it and gets him” and knows how to plan for him effectively!!


The first thing that strikes you about Ashley is the fact that she treats everyone - adults and children - with respect. She clearly listens to what you are saying, then uses her knowledge and experience to achieve positive results. I have honestly been amazed by the positive results she has made while working with my son.