We offer the following services as part of our practice:

Individual therapy - Our mission is to provide safe, comfortable and non-judgmental therapy to our clients. We take pride in our ability to develop rapport with our clients, while identifying and building on their strengths as individuals. We will individualize our therapeutic approach to meet your child’s needs. This may include (but is not limited to) the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and solution focused therapy.

Family therapy - Families are an essential component to their child’s attachment, development, and growth. In working with families, we strive to improve communication skills, build respect, and identify responsibilities as well as rules within the family system. It is important to identify the impact of each family member on the family unit and work together to create a more cohesive system. We strive to build on each family’s strengths during this process. We believe that families are the experts on their own family.

Group therapy - Group counseling can be an excellent way for children and young adults to learn new skills and gain insight into their strengths and areas that need improvement, while gaining support and acceptance from their peers. These groups can range in size from dyads to 8 individuals, depending on the specific needs of each individual and the level of staff support that is required. All groups are formed and scheduled based on referrals and the needs of the individuals.

Social skills community groups - This is an opportunity for young adults, ages 17 and over on the autism spectrum to make meaningful connections in a community setting. The groups are focused around fun community activities. The therapeutic goals of these groups are to increase social interactions, build self-esteem and increase independence, all while having fun.

Parenting support - Finding a balance as a parent can be very difficult, particularly with a child presenting with behavioral and/or emotional concerns. We strive to enhance your strengths as a parent and/or parents while discussing ways to improve communication and ultimately help to create harmony within your home.

Behavioral consulting - It is our mission to help both your child and your family function at their optimal potential. First we will figure out the function of your child’s behavior through our assessment tools, observations and interview process. Once we have determined the function of your child’s behavior, we will work collaboratively with you to create a positive behavioral support plan that will outline, in detail, the steps to be taken to improve behaviors. We will then assist you in implementing these plans in your home by modeling and providing feedback in the moment. These behavior plans can be modified at any time to best service your child and your family.

Please note: Of the services listed above, Abby Connor, M.S., LPC provides individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, social skills community groups, parenting support and behavioral consulting. Ashley Freimanis, M.S., LBS provides social skills community groups and behavioral consulting.